Why you can’t market by just translating your social media

It is essential that you go the distance and recruit a specialist in Chinese languages if you want to successfully communicate with  Chinese people through your social media.

We share three arguments for engaging a copywiter, which we have derived from experience.

Argument 1: Chinese language is full of ambiguity.

Chinese language is full of ambiguity. Words can change meaning depending on context and sentence patterns. When you use a simple translation process,  you can quickly make errors that turn your beautifully crafted English into a Chinese mess.

Argument 2: Cultural differences affect what's important to people.

Every culture is different, and that's what makes the world such an interesting place. We travel to absorb these different cultures, but we always feel safe and secure when we get back home. When you are in your own culture, you can read people so much easier, and understand what they are saying at a deeper level.

The same is true for your Chinese customers: they feel persuaded by people who they see as similar to them and understand them. When your business speaks not only the same language but reflects the same cultural understanding as your customers, then your connections to doing business together are much more productive.

Argument 3: As consumers become smarter, imperfection costs more.

We’ve all had that email from the prince of a country, who promises $10,000,000 if only you respond with your bank account details. Maybe a $100 dollars to start with to ensure everything goes smoothly. Know the kind? You can be sure, however, that somewhere in these emails is the telltale spelling error, the missing word, or just a feeling that these people aren’t who they claim to be. These little mistakes make us not trust them. Which in this case is a good thing!

Now imagine how your small Chinese mistakes come across to your Chinese customers, especially if you use a low grade translation for your social media. Your Chinese customers will have the same niggle that you can’t be trusted, that they should take their custom elsewhere. What was just a small mistake has become a marker of untrustworthiness.

Now more than ever before, it’s essential that your website is written by a qualified Chinese copywriter, who understands your product and understands the Chinese language and culture. Do not fall for the cheap translation.

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