What Chinese tourists want

It's wrong to believe that Chinese tourists travel in groups in huge tourist buses. They don't. Nine out of ten Chinese now travel independently, driving themselves around.

The good news is that Australia is the second most popular destination in the world so far as the independent Chinese traveller goes. Australia is viwed as safe and friendly.


Like most travellers, they plan their trip to Australia in advance from China, mostly using their mobile devices to book. They discover where they want to visit from online reviews, photos and videos, scenic guides and recommendations from family and friends. They generally stay in one place (e.g. Melbourne, Victoria) for 2 weeks, and then travel out from here to go on local (bus) tours nearby.

Their accomodation, increasingly BnBs, is important, where they expect a family room, independent bathroom, WiFi, parking, and Chinese services (information in Chinese and Chinese-speaking tour guides). Access to hire cars is also important.

Their overall interest is in the authentic Australian local lifestyle, which encompasses general living, local food and activities, history and culture - what ordinary Australian people do in their daily lives.

Local lifestyle experiences and customised travel plans are the new trend in 2017, especially those provided by one-stop services (read: destinations that offer all).

So, when thinking Chinese tourist, think modern individuals and families rather than the anonymous group.

Binary Blue China Connect compiled this information from Chinese tourism data.

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