Strengths and weaknesses of Weibo

Weibo (China's Twitter) is the social media channel used by Chinese people, here in Australia and in China. (Access to Twitter is not available in China.) So, let's consider the strengths and weaknesses of the system from an Australian business perspective.


  • It is a one-to-many communications system.
  • It has a very large number of users (see the latest stats).
  • It is free to use.
  • It is frequented by the younger age user group.
  • It is specific to Chinese speakers.
  • It allows multiple content types.
  • It allows replying with photos.
  • It has an extensive selection of emojis to convey emotions.
  • Posts can be scheduled ahead of time.
  • It provides a function to see what people are searching for within a friendship group.
  • Search is based on hashtags.


  • It requires understanding Chinese languages.
  • Because of the number of specilised channels, it's difficult to stand out.
  • The average user income is lower than WeChat.
  • It is easy to antagonise a user group.
  • Need to be culturally sensitive to user groups.
  • Posts are limited to 140 characters.
  • There is a lack of control over followers' comments.
  • It is saturated already with a vast number of (Chinese) businesses.
  • Searches are based on news; not products.


  • Few Australian small businesses are using the network. 
  • All Chinese students in Australia use and follow Weibo.

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