Strengths and weaknesses of WeChat

There are 700 million monthly active WeChat users. 55% of them have more than 100 friends. This represents a very large connected community, and is therefore very attractive to businesses seeking to market their brands and products to Chineses people.

But, what are the strengths and weaknesses in using WeChat?


  1. One to one communication capabilities.
  2. Does not show number of friends (thus alerting to the size of the network).
  3. One to many capabilities for individual accounts.
  4. No negative social proof for new businesses.
  5. Your posts view count is easily identified.
  6. No limit to post size.
  7. Offers a unique system for brands.
  8. Has a massive user group. (See stats analysis)


  1. Requires external strategies to bring in followers.
  2. No positive social proof for large businesses.
  3. Have to carefully craft posts for them to be successful.
  4. Cannot search for content.
  5. Building following requires a good connection and knowledge of influencers.


  1. People share events that offer a discount or perceived opportunity.
  2. Used by few Australian businesses.
  3. Potential to access the Chinese market with unique Australian-based offerings.

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