Offline marketing can be effective too

On a warm and sunny February day, Binary Blue China Connect was at RMIT Orientation Day, providing offline promotions for our client, Eye Laser Specialists.

We roamed the RMIT University lawned campus area, formally the Old Melbourne Goal, handing out Chinese language brochures and talking to students in their native language, Mandarin. This was Welcome Day for new RMIT students.

This direct marketing campaign was organised to target students who have vision problems such as short and long sightedness, and to offer an alternative, laser vision correction.

Direct marketing has sometimes more effective results than online, especially for something as personal and challenging as eye corrective surgery, because the customer can talk directly to the provider and ask immediate questions. It's a strategy that combines marketing and sales.

This offline promotions event was underpinned by a daily WeChat campaign that consisted of high quality medical information about eye problems and remedies, and also a series of humorous cartoons designed by our digital creative, Cal Dean.

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