Making online content vibrant

Making online social media content is always a creative challenge.

Content will be related directly to the client's brand and products or services. Mostly, it will be explanatory - giving detailed descriptions of the product or service and its value to the customer. This text content will be always accompanied by images (generally photographs) that show or demonstrate the product or service, which spice up the text content and reduce the number of word explanations.

The best product content is wrapped in a story, and requires creative copywriting to construct it in a way that is both informative and engaging. The customer has first to be attracted or hooked into the content, and then led through it, without their eyes glazing over.

WeChat provides a number of graphical features that are used to display and break up the content, using a variety of colours, fonts and borders. A WeChat copywriter is also an expert in graphical presentation.

In work with a client that is promoting eye laser treatment for vision conditions, we have created a series of friendly cartoons depicting the woes of using glasses (when eye laser correction can do away with their need). The series has been devised by our creative, Cal Dean (who is also our web developers, photographer and videographer). Fun and humour is an effective way to convey emotion and insight.

One Life Before Smile sequence is provided below:






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