How Chinese tourists find you

You want Chinese tourists to visit your place, and hopefully, buy something. It's a very good idea, but you are going to have to do some things to attract them.

There are 3 important steps in the tourist chain, and these are probably what we all do when we think of travelling to a foreign destination.

  1. Do some research, get inspired.
  2. Get more information about tours, accommodation, car hire, availability, costs, etc.
  3. Book.

The Tourism Australia has recently released some very important information about this, and the charts below deserve some scrutiny.


There are many sources that will be investigated be the person in China. However, 'online hotel booking site', 'general internet searching' and 'sites for specific destinations' are ones that you can influence. But, you must have Chinese languages on your website to be even in the running.


Now it's really down to the nitty gritty. Again, the information that you influence are substantial: 'online hotel booking site', 'social media' (Chinese in particular), 'traveller review sites' (Chinese ones), 'general interest searching', and 'national tourism websites'. Again, having Chinese language, and participating in Chinese social media and traveller review sites is essential.


It's time to actually book. Again, you can have a direct influence on this: 'accomodation provider (online)', 'tour operator' and 'online travel booking website'.

But, the decisions by this time have already been made, if you want to make yourself a destination point, it's most important that you are open for business and welcoming in steps 1 and 2, before the destinations and activities have been decided.

So don't delay. Get help with your translations and social media marketing now.


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