Citrus a big winner in China

According to the Age report (27/11), Sunraysia citrus has had a China windfall.

We remember not so long ago when citrus growers were pulling out their trees because the South American citrus juice competition had completely devastated the local market. Well those growers who hung in there are now reaping the benfits due to expanded trade with China.

The Age Reports:

Australian citrus exports for the 2017 season to the end of September were valued at $377 million, a 31 per cent jump on the same period last year and well ahead of 2016's full-year record of $328.4 million.

Export volumes for the 2017 season until the end of September were also up, by 18 per cent, to 220,754 tonnes, also exceeding last year's record. Exports to China for the period, Australia's biggest export market, rose 52 per cent to 45,000 tonnes.

"The numbers into China are now off the charts," says Citrus Australia's Tania Chapman.

"If we talk about China, six or seven years ago zero containers (of Australian citrus) went into the front door of China. Now we're looking down the barrel of 80,000 tonnes this season," she says.

"The drive isn't just for mandarins and navels. There's also a huge pull for Valencia oranges as well. There's a large number of companies in China wanting to buy the Valencias so that they can juice them."

What a turn around!

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