Are we catering for the Chinese tourist?

According to the latest tourism statistics, the signs are great for 2018 Chinese tourism here in Australia.

In 2017, Chinese tourists out-numbered any other nationality (other than NZ) visiting Australia, and there was a 12% increase in Chinese visitors over the previous year.

See Graphic

But the common request from Chinese tourists is that information, brochures, signs, etc. should be in Chinese language. In this respect, Australian tourist operators are failing.

Have you ever tried to book accommodation in a foreign language? Even boutique hotels provide translations of their websites in English.

We should be doing likewise. Website information should be provided in Chinese. This will mean that the person wanting to visit Australia can book from China. This will mean that even the small boutique hotels will win out, because the Chinese traveller will be able to book direct and not through an agency.

If you intend doing a website translation, make sure that you engage a professional copywriter who can speak to their cultural disposition. Binary Blue China Connect provides this service.

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