We take a step-by-step process to marketing your products or services.

  1. We audit your current website, to make sure the brand messages are clear and consistent. (See Tips)
  2. We devise a marketing plan that indicates the range of promotional options available to meet your budget (social media, Influencers, offline promotions and events, etc.)
  3. We suggest a content strategy that can be used across all media platforms (websites, stores, brochures, banners and social media).

We include you in all these steps, so we fully understand your ambitions for the products and services you have developed.

Once we have your agreement for our marketing proposals, we implement all aspects to help bring Chinese customers to your door: store and website design and construction, copywriting, graphics, video and photographs, as well as selecting and contracting any external promotions assistance (Influencers, event sponsors, etc).

Binary Blue China Connect offers a one-stop marketing option.

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