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Marketing, Sales and the Business Owner

A client recently sent us a note about sales: “There has never been a company in the history of companies that has ever succeeded without sales”. Never has a truer statement been made. Whether it’s a product or a service, without customers buying their products or services, a company will fail. But Sales is not the…
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Welcome to 2019

2019 promises to be a very big year for selling your goods and services to Chinese people. Despite what you read in the Australian media, consumer relationships continue to expand, with new opportunities in the offing. Ignore the politics, and get on with expanding your market. We have very good news for our own clients. We…
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Singles Day

Did you miss Singles Day this year? This is the biggest sales day celebrated by Chinese people on every 11 November. Alibaba first started the annual shopping event and generated a whopping $US25 billion in sales in 2017 — just from the 24-hour period of transactions. This year, Alibaba sales hit over $US1 billion ($1.3…
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WeChat – get on board

WeChat just announced it has reached 1 billion users / month.  We can help you set up an official WeChat account to you can reach a new world of customers. What does WeChat do?  See the animation below.
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