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Good news for Australian tourism

According to Tourism Research Australia, there's very good news for operators in the Australian tourism industry - so long as you do it right. China is now Australia’s largest inbound tourism source market, both in terms of volume and spend. Tourism Research Australia (TRA) forecast Chinese visitor numbers in Australia to reach 3.9 million in 2026–27.…
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Keep marketing on message: 2 tips

Two quick and easy tips to help improve your business message. In our work and general adventures, we come across a lot written messages created by smaller businesses and startups. A lot of these messages are well thought out and well executed. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not. Here's what we've learnt from our…
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Making online content vibrant

Making online social media content is always a creative challenge. Content will be related directly to the client's brand and products or services. Mostly, it will be explanatory - giving detailed descriptions of the product or service and its value to the customer. This text content will be always accompanied by images (generally photographs) that show or…
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Offline marketing can be effective too

On a warm and sunny February day, Binary Blue China Connect was at RMIT Orientation Day, providing offline promotions for our client, Eye Laser Specialists. We roamed the RMIT University lawned campus area, formally the Old Melbourne Goal, handing out Chinese language brochures and talking to students in their native language, Mandarin. This was Welcome Day for…
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