What Chinese tourists want

It's wrong to believe that Chinese tourists travel in groups in huge tourist buses. They don't. Nine out of ten Chinese now travel independently, driving themselves around. The good news is that Australia is the second most popular destination in the world so far as the independent Chinese traveller goes. Australia is viwed as safe…
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Opportunities 1: Victorian tourism

Victorian regional centres are missing out on the Chinese tourist boom. Binary Blue China Connect recently toured the Alpine Valleys (including Beechworth, Mytleford and Bright) to discover its capacity and offering for the Chinese tourist. It's a gorgeous and historical area with a wonderful array of attractions, from vineyards, bicycle riding (the Mountain to Murray…
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Wine trends: online sales outstrip traditional

Wine sales in China are outstripping the traditional way of selling to the Chinese market, according to latest T-Mall research. Once a wine merchant would sell their wines into the Chinese market via a physical retail store via an agent based in China. Now, the trend (49%) sell their wine direct to the customer via…
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More about China

It's easy from afar to think of China as one big country. It's not. As the map attests, it's made up of many regions, each with their own history, culture, language, natural resources and economic development.

Most importantly, there is still marked wealth and income disparity between different regions.

For instance, the top five markets including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing have 16.9% of the country’s population yet accounted for 33% of national retail sales. Consumers in these markets have become increasingly well off and sophisticated.

Therefore, when we are thinking of marketing to China, we need to be thinking of regions, or at least, the cities that belong to the different regions.