Welcome to Binary Blue

We are a boutique enterprise specialising in advice and guidance for organisations wanting to engage with the digital future. We take the fear and worry out of choosing and implementing new technologies. We get rid of the techno-boogey man by making everything easy and free of jargon.

We follow Da Vinci's edict: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and apply this principle to all aspects of our work.

We engage highly creative professionals specially to suit your project.

[Photo Gallery: from the City of Melbourne 1200 Buildings Project Case Studies]

Featured projects


A powerful, safe and easy to use online mentoring system that facilitates the mentoring relationship.


AIRAH HVAC&R Graduate Certificate

Information architecture and design for the new AIRAH HVAC&R online course aimed at air conditioning and refrigeration engineering contractors and consultants.

The Transmoder project

A blog investigating digital communications, education and training for a sustainable future.


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