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We start by undertaking serious research into your brand and market.

We evaluate your current social media strategies to its identify strengths and weaknesses.

We produce a cost effective strategy that utilises relevant social media channels that will reach your potential market.

We take into account the regional diversity of China, and the strategies that will be successful in first, second and third level Chinese cities.


There are many media channels open to engage customers - from Social Media to traditional. Not all are useful for your business requirements.

In Asian countries such as China, an entirely different set of media channels are used.

We will advise you on the relevant media channels, and then select the content creator from our pool of creators who best suits the style or brand image you wish to create.


We produce culturally relevant and engaging content from a variety of sources. We do this by engaging highly imaginative and skilled content creators from very diverse backgrounds, and constructing stories that link their creative talents with the specific aims of the business sponsor.

Many businesses tend to produce marketing screed or information that is manufactured and unconvincing. A consumer is mostly discerning and media savvy.

Quality content far outweighs followers, particulary now as followers can be bought. Content needs to be engaging, to translate customer interest into actual investment or sale.


We are a content creation agency, where we engage the best content creator for a specific campaign and manage this in the long term.

We have selected the most creative content creators - photographers, illustrators, copywriters, digital artists and videographers - who are culturally relevant style for your market.

We have creators who speak Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), so that you can reach customers in China and Chinese visitors in Australia.