Connect with Chinese customers

Concerned that your business will miss the opportunity to reach Chinese customers, here in Australia and in China?

1.4 million Chinese tourists visit Australia every year
0.4 million Chinese Australian residents
300,000 Chinese international students
1.3 billion Chinese people live in China.

Binary Blue China Connect is a creative one-stop-shop connecting Australian businesses with Chinese speaking customers.

We audit websites, build online stores and websites in simplified Chinese, devise marketing campaigns using Chinese Influencers and engage creatives to produce aesthetically appropriate product images and copy.

Keep up-to-date with trends in Chinese markets and business opportunities.

Binary Blue China Connect's experienced staff are here to help.
We are based in Melbourne, Australia.


We establish websites and online stores. We help you maintain the store, creating copy and media to reach out to your customers.


We devise content and marketing strategies with clear and consistent marketing messages, using a variety of social media channels.


We transform your website creating engaging media and copy in simplified Chinese.


We match your product or service with Influencers who will help spread the word.

Australian products and services

Australian products and services that Chinese people seek include:

Natural health products
Organic foods
Boutique wines and beverages
Fashion clothes, footwear
Education and Training
Real Estate